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Miriam Thurber

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  • Mine : A Life Fully Surrendered


    You live in an uncertain world on the edge of change. Transform it.

    You have access to the greatest power in the universe through Jesus Christ. Use it.

    You possess a life saturated with passion and potential. Surrender it.

    Have you ever looked in the mirror and realized that the person staring back is nothing like the person who began the journey?

    I have.

    I had to completely relinquish my identity as an individual, let go of my strengths, and trust in God before I could truly embrace my identity in Christ.

    I begin each day praying:

    I choose you to Christ. I choose You to be my master. I choose You to be my voice. I choose You to be my strength. I choose You to be my love. I choose You to be my King. I choose You to be my everything.

    Having God as your identity means that you place your worth in your relationship with Him. Identifying in Christ means that absolutely everything in your life can fall away and you will still have hope.

    You find your identity in Christ by spending time with Him, looking for Him in your everyday life, and seeing yourself from His perspective to the best of your ability.

    The Almighty wants to be your identity, and He promises to never leave you.

    The only way to truly make a difference in the world is to stand beyond the world and surrender your life to God.

    So choose Him. Every. Single. Day.

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