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Bath and Body

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  • Turmeric Essential Oil


    Turmeric has a warm, earthy, spicy aroma.

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  • God Bless You Tissue


    10 tissues per pack
    Display comes wtih 24 packs

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  • Jesus Heals Bandages


    Discover the healing powers of these beautifully designed bandages for both real and imaginary boo boos! We pray these offer comfort and healing and serve as a reminder that Jesus and Mary are with us in all that we do.

    Made from a sterile latex free adhesive material. The unique, colorful designs are appropriate for children of all ages.

    Bandages come in a tin storage box that can be repurposed with crayons.

    Jesus Heals Bandages: 40 sterile adhesive strip bandages in 5 bright, fun designs that depict Jesus. Bandages come in a tin storage box that can be repurposed with crayons.

    Product details:

    *40 sterile adhesive strips
    *5 unique designs in each box
    *3.75″ x 2.75″ x 1″
    *Stored in a tin box

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  • Pastor Towel


    Our cotton pastor towel is designed to make your worship experience truly special. Measuring 10 x 15 inches, this towel is perfect for use during baptisms, or any other events, or daily use at the pulpit. Made from premium quality cotton, this towel is soft and absorbent, making it ideal for wiping away water drops, sweat, and more during your service.

    What sets this towel apart is its elegant gold embroidered designs that give it a touch of luxury and sophistication. Expertly crafted to add a touch of elegance to the overall look of the towel. The gold threads stand out beautifully against the crisp background, making this towel a true work of art.

    In addition to its visual appeal, this cotton pastor towel is highly versatile and can be used for various purposes. It’s perfect for drying hands during a baptism service, keeping you clean and dry during an intense sermon, or simply as a decorative accessory in your church or home.

    Additional Info
    Absorbent 100% cotton terry/velour towels are decoratively embroidered. These multi-purpose towels are great at the pulpit or for personal use.

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  • Fingernail File God Has Made Everything Pack Of 72


    Tired of boring nail files? Check out our fun and inspiring designs!
    Our nail files are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a high-quality finish to your nails. The files are double sided, with the design and texture on either side making it easy to achieve the perfect nail shape and texture.
    Measuring 7″” long X .75″”wide X .125″” thick, this design is “”God has made everything beautiful in its time”” and features soft colors in a floral pattern.
    Perfect for anyone who wants to express their personal style while taking care of their nails. This pack of 72 makes great gifts for friends and family, or as a treat for yourself, and they make great impulse purchase item at checkout.

    Additional Info
    Fingernail Files are printed on both sides. For PURSE HOME OFFICE AUTO

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