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Biblical Fiction

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  • Chosen Season 1 Revised And Expanded


    Based on the acclaimed video series The Chosen, the most amazing story ever told–the life of Jesus–gets a fresh, new telling from New York Times bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins. What was it like to encounter Jesus face-to-face? How would he have made you feel, changed your way of thinking about God? Would he have turned your world upside down? Journey to Galilee in the first century. See the difference he made in the lives of those he called to follow him and how they were forever transformed. Experience the life and power of the perfect Son of God as never before–through the eyes of everyday people just like you.

    – The official novel based on Season 1 of the immensely popular TV series, which has been seen in every country in the world, with over 85 million views

    – The latest fiction from Jerry Jenkins, perhaps the bestselling Christian novelist of recent times

    – Jacketed hardcover with spot gloss

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  • Chosen Come And See Novel Two


    The Chosen: Come and See is the second installment of The Chosen books, a series of novels based on the global video phenomenon The Chosen. This book follows season 2 and contains not only the stories told in the video series, but also compelling back stories, thoughts, and motivations of key characters which will give the reader fresh insights that cannot be gained by just watching the video series.

    The Chosen novels are a tool to help readers and viewers of the series draw into a deeper relationship with Jesus as represented in the New Testament. Through this book, readers will identify with the real-life struggles, victories, doubts, and issues that every person experiences–even those personally chosen by Jesus.

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  • Lion Comic Book Hero Bible


    From its greatest heroes to its darkest villains…the Bible as never seen before! The men and women of the Bible were not perfect, but nor were they ordinary. Faith gave some power. To lead. To save. To destroy evil. Others succumbed to the darkness. But still more was required. An ultimate hero. To fight the ultimate battle.

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  • Apollyon : The Destroyer Is Unleashed


    As the world’s thousands of believers gather in Jerusalem for a stadium rally, the Tribulation Force struggles with their own personal crises. Newspaper reporter Buck Williams and his wife, Chloe, question whether or not they should have a child when the future of the world is so uncertain. Meanwhile, Rayford Steele discovers the shocking truth about his wife, Amanda.
    Nicolae Carpathia continues his rise to power, forcing believers underground. But Nicolae isn’t prepared for a plague of scorpion-like locusts tormenting his followers-with a pain so horrible that men try to kill themselves but aren’t allowed to die.

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  • David : The Warrior King


    David comes to life in this powerful historical novel on the biblical figure, King David. His life story contains intrigue, passion, deceit, faith, love, fear, massive wars, hopes and dreams, bravery, sins, and repentance–all the elements of a best seller.

    Readers will have a better understanding of that time and the physical world surrounding the people of the Bible, and that the text is more than just words. It’s a history of these great people who lived in a completely different world, yet suffered the same modern-day troubles.

    Through the events of the main character, readers will learn Bible lessons and come to know the face of God. They will learn that David’s power was rooted in unrestrained repentance, making him a man after God’s own heart.

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  • Pilgrims Progress In Todays English


    20 Chapters

    Additional Info
    “Now, as they approached, Mr. Greatheart drew his sword to defend the women and children….”

    Feel like the only person with struggles in the Christian life? Wonder if anyone else has traveled the same road? Millions of Christians have cherished John Bunyan’s allegorical tale of the journey Christian and Christina made to the Celestial City. Written in the 1600s, this immortal classic is now available in a modern-day, understandable text.

    Christian leaves his home in the City of Destruction and begins a long journey to the Celestial City. His adventure is full of encounters with interesting people such as Faithful, Hopeful, and Ignorance. Traveling through places such as Vanity Fair and the Valley of the Shadow of Death, he reaches his heavenly home but learns rich lessons during the journey. The story has immediate application to everyday life.

    Later on, Christian’s wife, Christina, decides to join her husband in the Celestial City. As she travels, Christina comes upon a different set of people–Greatheart, Mercy, Honesty, and others. Her story illustrates how Christians follow different paths but with the same destination-eternity with Jesus.

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