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  • Adversity For Sale


    Growing up in the projects, Jeezy learned early how to hustle to get what he needed and took those lessons into adulthood. Now, he wants to share what he learns with those coming up behind him so they don’t have the make the same mistakes he did.

    Jeezy knows what it’s like when you don’t know how you’re going to make it to the next day, but he’s a winner and a motivator. He hates to lose, and that’s what he preaches. His mission in life is to touch the hearts of men. That’s why he’s seen all of the stuff he’s seen and lived through everything he’s lived through. That’s why he’s here.

    Jeezy can’t hustle in the streets anymore, he can give everyone from the block to the boardroom the hope and a message to get through their days. With everything going on in the world, people would rather tell you that they can’t look out for you right now, but he was taught that if you’re eating, you offer somebody else a piece.

    This isn’t a street memoir. In this book, Jeezy will use parts of his story to illustrate some rules and principles he’s used to get him through his darkest days and kept him going, even when it felt impossible to go any further and the odds stacked against him felt insurmountable. Sometimes you have to go through some things-even some things that are excruciating and that you think you’ll never survive-in order to get where you want to be. His

    A lot of people want it, but they don’t want to put in the work to get it, or they’re surrounded by people who don’t want to see them have it anyway. And Jeezy is here to tell you that’s not the wave. In this book, he will teach you how to:

    *Surround yourself with people who believe in your success and want to see you win.
    *Have an unshakable belief in yourself that you can reach your goals.
    *Find the lesson in every setback in order to move forward.
    *Focus on the bigger play.
    *Change your mindset so that you change your life.
    *Chart your path so that your present successes lead to future opportunities.

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  • Black Faces In High Places


    A timely resource for Black professionals on how to rise to the top of their organizations or industries and, just as importantly, to stay there.

    Black Faces in High Places is the essential guide for Black professionals who are moving up through their organizations or industries but need a roadmap for how to get to the top and stay there. It highlights the experiences of other Black faces in high places who were able to navigate various crossroads, reach the top, and stay there, including insights from President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Cathy Hughes, Bob Johnson, Ursula Burns, David Steward, Angela Glover Blackwell, Ken Chenault, Senator Cory Booker, Geoffrey Canada, and others. This groundbreaking book:

    *Provides a lens into the careers of other prominent figures, across several industries and sectors.

    *Identifies the 10 strategic actions successful Black leaders and executives must take.

    *Empowers readers with models and steps to follow these 10 strategic actions on their own journeys to becoming a prominent leader.

    *Outlines the unique challenges that come with a leadership role and how to overcome them.

    *Walks readers through the changes in mindset, skillset, and toolset required to travel along the success path while helping others at every step along the way.

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  • 5 Languages Of Appreciation In The Workplace


    Based on the #1 New York Times bestseller The 5 Love Languages(R)(over 12 million copies sold),

    Dramatically improve workplace relationships simply by learning your coworkers’ language of appreciation.

    This book will give you the tools to improve staff morale, create a more positive workplace, and increase employee engagement. How? By teaching you to effectively communicate authentic appreciation and encouragement to employees, co-workers, and leaders. Most relational problems in organizations flow from this question: do people feel appreciated? This book will help you answer “Yes!”

    A bestseller-having sold over 300,000 copies and translated into 16 languages-this book has proven to be effective and valuable in diverse settings. Its principles about human behavior have helped businesses, non-profits, hospitals, schools, government agencies, and organizations with remote workers.

    PLUS! Each book contains a free access code for taking the online Motivating By Appreciation (MBA) Inventory (does not apply to purchases of used books). The assessment identifies a person’s preferred languages of appreciation to help you apply the book. When supervisors and colleagues understand their coworkers’ primary and secondary languages, as well as the specific actions they desire, they can effectively communicate authentic appreciation, thus creating healthy work relationships and raising the level of performance across an entire team or organization.

    Take your team to the next level by applying The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.

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  • 17 Indisputable Laws Of Teamwork


    The go-to guide for building and maintaining successful teams.

    People who have taken their teams to the highest level in their field often have difficulty recreating what accounted for their successes. Is it a strong work ethic? Is it “chemistry”? What tools can you wrap your hands around to build-or rebuild-your team? In The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, leadership expert and New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell shares the vital principles of team building that are necessary for success in your business, family, church, or organization.

    In his practical, down-to-earth style, he shows how:
    The Law of High Morale inspired a 50-year-old man, who couldn’t even swim, to train for the toughest triathlon in the world.
    The Law of the Big Picture prompted a former U.S. president to travel cross-country by bus, sleep in a basement, and do manual labor.
    Playing by the Law of the Scoreboard enabled one Web-based company to keep growing and making money while thousands of other Internet businesses failed.
    Ignoring the Law of the Price Tag caused one of the world’s largest retailers to close its doors after 128 years in business.

    The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork empowers readers-whether coaches or players, teachers or students, CEOs or non-profit volunteers-with the “how-tos” and attitudes for building a successful team.

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  • Mentoring 101 : What Every Leader Needs To Know


    Another great little book packed with wisdom and instruction to add to the successful 101 series from John C. Maxwell, now with sales in excess of 1 million copies. Drawing from many of John Maxwell’s bestsellers, this book explores the timeless principles that have become Dr. Maxwell’s trademark style. In a concise, straightforward voice, Maxwell focuses on essential and time-tested qualities necessary for developing mentoring relationships that make a difference in the lives of your colleagues and the life of your business.

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  • Vow Of Prosperity


    Vow of Prosperity is a book that provides solutions that will bring financial freedom to the individual and to a faith-based corporation. In the first half of the book the reader is introduced to both spiritual and practical solutions to attain financial security. The book begins with help for the reader in establishing their core values. The first step towards financial security is found in understanding and establishing their core values. These become the foundations for the other truths that are established in the book. The second half of the book deals with the establishment and maintenance of a faith-based corporation.

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  • 21 Indispensable Qualities Of A Leader


    In the tradition of his million-seller The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, author John C. Maxwell provides a concise, accessible leadership book that helps readers become more effective leaders from the inside out. Daily readings highlight twenty-one essential leadership qualities and include “Reflecting On It” and “Bringing It Home” sections that help readers integrate and apply each day’s material.

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  • Relationships 101 : What Every Leader Needs To Know


    Great leaders understand that their team is only as strong as its weakest link. And healthy, nurtured relationships are key in making your team operate as a well-oiled machine. In Relationships 101, John Maxwell offers time-tested principles for connecting with people and building positive working relationships within an organization. The unique, pocket-size format puts straightforward, practical information at your fingertips. Topics include: What Do I Need to Know about Others? How Can I Become a Better Listener? What Does It Mean to Have Integrity with People? How Can I Serve and Lead at the Same Time?

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  • Attitude 101 : What Every Leader Needs To Know


    John Maxwell firmly points to attitude as the key in making or breaking a leader. Leadership has less to do with position than it does with disposition, because it will influence the way the followers think and feel. Great leaders understand that the right attitude will set the right atmosphere, which enables the right responses from others. Maxwell addresses what shapes a person9s attitude and whether or not attitude can be changed. He addresses the common feeling of failure and shows how to overcome obstacles. Understanding success as a journey rather than a destination, he explains, is the key to good leadership. He concludes Attitude 101 with practical ways readers can take their attitude to the next level.

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  • Who Moved My Cheese


    Parts Of All Of Us
    The Story Behind The Story
    by Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D.
    A Gathering: Chicago
    The Story Of Who Moved My Cheese?
    Four Characters
    Finding Cheese
    No Cheese!
    The Mice: Sniff & Scurry
    The Littlepeople: Hem & Haw
    Meanwhile, Back In The Maze
    Getting Beyond Fear
    Enjoying The Adventure
    Moving With The Cheese
    The Handwriting On The Wall
    Tasting New Cheese
    Enjoying Change!
    A Discussion: Later That Same Day
    Share It With Others
    About The Author

    Additional Info
    With Who Moved My Cheese? Dr. Spencer Johnson realizes the need for finding the language and tools to deal with change–an issue that makes all of us nervous and uncomfortable.
    Most people are fearful of change because they don’t believe they have any control over how or when it happens to them. Since change happens either to the individual or by the individual, Spencer Johnson shows us that what matters most is the attitude we have about change.

    When the Y2K panic gripped the corporate realm before the new millenium, most work environments finally recognized the urgent need to get their computers and other business systems up to speed and able to deal with unprecedented change. And businesses realized that this was not enough: they needed to help people get ready, too.

    Spencer Johnson has created his new book to do just that. The coauthor of the multimillion bestseller The One Minute Manager has written a deceptively simple story with a dramatically important message that can radically alter the way we cope with change. Who Moved My Cheese? allows for common themes to become topics for discussion and individual interpretation.

    Who Moved My Cheese? takes the fear and anxiety out of managing the future and shows people a simple way to successfully deal with the changing times, providing them with a method for moving ahead with their work and lives safely and effectively.

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  • Winning Attitude : Your Key To Personal Success


    John Maxwell not only discovered the winning attitude, but he has also experienced the incredible difference it makes. Today he speaks extensively across the United States at business meetings and conferences on the issues of leadership.

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