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Denominational Concerns

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  • My Prayer Book


    This updated and revised version of My Prayer Book offers more than 200 prayers for Christian living, for your family life, for your vocation, sickness, and more. These personal prayers will help in both the joys and sorrows you face in life. Great for confirmation gifts, as a gift for new parents, to use on hospital visits, My Prayer Book has words to pray for each new day, emotions, or when prayer seems difficult.

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  • Handbook Of Denominations In The United States


    The Handbook of Denominations in the United States has been the gold standard for reference works about religious bodies in America. It is a helpful resource for clergy, laity, journalists, and researchers. This authoritative guidebook to U.S. religions is grouped in family categories of Abrahamic religions, arranged chronologically: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The information for each group within these families has been provided by the religious organizations themselves and focuses on the denominations’ doctrines, statistics, and histories. The 14th edition is completely updated with current statistics, new denominations, and recent trends. The book has been made more useful and manageable by moving very small groups into broader articles while giving more detail and description to the large and influential denominations.

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  • My Church Is Not Dying


    Evangelism for a world that hates evangelism, but needs the church

    * The unfolding vision of a church stepping into the future, instead of dwelling
    in the past

    The old way of “being church”-measured by political influence, money, and congregants
    in the pews-may indeed be vanishing, but it is being replaced by something new and
    beautiful for those with the eyes, ears, heart, and soul to experience it.
    Prolific author Greg Garrett reminds Episcopalians of the many gifts that our tradition
    can offer a doubting and hurting world. He reveals a church that values intellect, beauty,
    diversity, and community, and promotes thoughtful engagement with questions of faith,
    ethics, and community. This church espouses a generous orthodoxy, welcoming left
    and right, mystic and doubter. It values education, social justice, and engagement with
    literature and culture. And in opposition to the radical individualism espoused by most of
    American Protestantism, it offers the unique gift of a tradition shaped by English culture
    that believes the individual is a part of her or his community-not in opposition to it.

    For members of the Episcopal Church, laypeople seeking a deeper understanding of
    faith and the Episcopal/Anglican tradition, and seekers wondering about a way of being
    Christian that isn’t dogmatic, doesn’t offer judgment or divorce them from the beauty they
    already sense in their lives.

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  • Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course Leaders Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


    The Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course-Leader’s Guide is an introductory course designed to equip new church leaders and renew current leaders in The United Methodist Church. It can be used with adults and youth and is the foundational course for other leadership training courses.

    This course covers the 3 three core categories of Lay Servant Ministries: Leading, Caring, and Communicating; it also emphasizes ministry in daily life and sharing faith stories. The plans in this Leader’s Guide are designed to be taught in 5 two-hour sessions. They can also be used over a weekend.

    NOTE: This guide replaces the Lay Speaking Ministries Basic Course Leader’s Guide, DR551. If you have taught the Basic Course before, you will need to adjust your teaching plans to emphasize the core categories described above.

    Session topics include

    Ministry of the Baptized

    priesthood of all believers
    spiritual gifts
    the need for a response to God’s call
    the role of laity in ministry


    servant leadership
    important roles in leadership
    what it means to be a spiritual leader
    Christian conferencing


    biblical basis for caring ministry
    acts of compassion and justice
    caring for creation


    guidelines for respectful communication
    listening skills
    sharing faith stories

    Into the World

    understanding leaders’ role in fulfilling the Great Commission
    importance of continued study and spiritual growth
    role of hospitality
    Appreciative Inquiry and Asset-Based Community Development

    Appendixes include two letters to participants (depending on whether the course is taught in 5 sessions or over a weekend), a sample format for Christian conferencing, evaluation forms for communication session, and resources (scripture, song, and meditation) for each session.

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  • Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course Participants Book (Student/Study Guide)


    “God calls you to a life of servanthood as a disciple of Jesus Christ. . Lay Servant Ministries is the first step for many laypersons toward their faith journey as they strive for a closer relationship with the Lord,” the authors write in the introduction.

    The Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course is a foundational course designed to equip new church leaders and renew current leaders in The United Methodist Church. It explores

    personal spiritual gifts
    servant leadership
    each leader’s role in developing future leaders
    the importance of consistent spiritual practices
    the core ministries of Leading, Caring, and Communicating
    and much more.

    The Basic Course can be used for both adults and youth. Consisting of five two-hour sessions, it may serve as a short-term study for small groups, Sunday school classes, and new member classes.

    NOTE: This book replaces the Lay Speaking Ministries Basic Course, DR551.

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  • True Stories Of The Miracles Of Azusa Street And Beyond


    The Book of Acts never ended!

    A generation today is asking, Where are all God’s miracles which our fathers told us about? (Judges 6:13).

    From 1960-1966, author Tommy Welchel answered this question, living among the youth of one of the greatest spiritual outpourings ever experienced-the Azusa Street Revival. During this time, Tommy recorded first-hand accounts of the miracles that they had witnessed… and even performed themselves!

    These testimonies have been shared around the world, and the results have been amazing: Miraculous healings, supernatural phenomena, and impossible situations being turned around by a wonder-working God.

    As you read about the miracles that God performed during this great move of His Spirit, your faith will be stirred to:
    *Encourage others that God’s healing power has not passed away
    *Believe for the miraculous in your life
    *Release supernatural breakthrough to people who need a touch from God

    Prepare to experience a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit… today!

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  • What Baptist Believe And Practice


    A simple and clear presentation on what Baptists believe and practice. This booklet contains the principles whereby the Baptist church is to function in the faith, as revealed in the holy Scriptures. This easy-to-read manual will support and encourage both old and young converts as they attempt to practice their beliefs in a society that does not acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

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  • Bishop C H Mason And The Roots Of The Church Of God In Christ


    SKU (ISBN): 9781562294519ISBN10: 1562294512Ithiel ClemmonsBinding: Trade PaperPublished: January 1996Publisher: Pneuma Life Publishing Print On Demand Product

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  • New Hiscox Guide For Baptist Churches


    1) The Nature Of The Church
    2) The Membership Of The Church
    3) The Church Ministry
    4) Leaders And Officers In The Church
    5) Christian Worship
    6) Christian Ordinances, Rituals And Ceremonies
    7) The Witness Of The Church
    8) Church Order, Process And Discipline.

    Additional Info
    The New Hiscox Guide for Baptist Churches is in keeping with the author’s desire to supply a text that gives pastors and church leaders the most useable information possible. Goodwin captures the essence of Hiscox’s thought and style while addressing the issues that concern today’s churches.

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  • Deaconess : Walking In The Newness Of Life


    In the increasingly complex life of our society, and in the critical experiences of the Baptist Church, it is necessary for someone to put in book form some concrete guidelines for Christians to follow in the execution of their high calling. Obviously, this is exactly what the author of this book has so brilliantly done.

    There is so little writtn about the deaconess in the Baptist Church. Certainly, libraries and religious bookstores are sparse with information about this very important Christian worker.

    Those who would become more knowledgeable about the deaconess in the Missionary Baptist Church, should have a copy of this book in his or her religious books collection.

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  • Hiscox Standard Baptist Manual


    A favorite among countless thousands of Baptists, the Hiscox manual addresses church membership, officers, and Christian discipline; the nature of the church; ministry, ordinances, and worship; the church’s witness; and more.

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