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Jennifer Eivaz

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  • Inner Healing And Deliverance Handbook


    God is eager to create unprecedented beauty from your ashes, and to deliver and restore you to health and wholeness. But it does take work. Most of us need help to look at the pain and fear that grip our lives.

    In her powerful teaching, prophetic leader Jennifer Eivaz equips you with the biblical and practical tools that can lead you into full restoration. By sharing her own moving journey into healing and deliverance, she provides support and encouragement for you to uproot every lie coming against you as a child of God.

    Jesus is asking, “Do you want to be made well?” With the help of the Holy Spirit to implement these tools, you can find healing for all the damage of your past.

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  • Prophetic Secrets : Learning The Language Of Heaven


    In her powerful, prophetic teaching style, bestselling author Jennifer Eivaz helps readers to continually sharpen their gifting in order to minister healing, breakthrough, and a supernatural display of God’s glory.

    Helping those with this unique and powerful anointing, she teaches
    how to:
    * learn the value of spending time in the secret place with God
    * distinguish the extraordinary voice of God
    * grow in knowledge of signs and dreams
    * avoid pet doctrines, fads, and heresies
    * understand when to keep a prophetic word, and when to let it go

    The world is desperate to hear the voice of God clearly–it is vital that his prophets give true expression to all that is on his heart. Are you prepared to become all God has created you to be?

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  • Seeing The Supernatural (Reprinted)


    The gift of discerning of spirits is the powerful, supernatural ability to hear and see into the spiritual realm. Yet it’s often overlooked and misunderstood. Full of real-world application, this essential, foundational guide shows how you can sense, discern, and battle in the spiritual realm, expose the hidden threats, and help lead the way to victory.

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