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Kenneth Copeland

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  • Healing Scriptures (Audio CD)


    Allow the healing power of God to flow through you with this rich, anointed tape. In it, Kenneth Copeland reads anointed healing scriptures, shares wisdom from Jesus’ healing ministry and gives you the healing promises you need to hang on to. You’ll want copies for you and for those you care about. Single tape by Kenneth Copeland.

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  • Power Of The Tongue (Reprinted)


    Words have played a vital role in life since the beginning of time. In the book of Genesis, God created the world and everything in it with His words. Today, as believers, we have that same God-like ability to speak those things which be not as though they were.

    Through God’s Word, Kenneth Copeland reveals the Bible’s secret of words and the vital importance of using the tongue to create rather than destroy.

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  • Bienvenido A La Familia – (Spanish)


    El Cristianismo No Es Una Religion; Es Una Familia.

    En este libro, Kenneth Copeland comparte personalmente los pasos a seguir para entrar a la familia de Dios.

    El muestra lo que la Palabra de Dios dice acerca de como recibir salvacion, el bautismo del Espiritu Santo, y sanidad. El cielo no seria lo mismo sin usted!

    Una excelente herramienta de ministerio.

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  • He Did It All For You


    Five best-selling works complete in one volume:
    * Welcome To The Family
    * Now Are We In Christ Jesus
    * The Force of Righteousness
    * God’s Will Is The Holy Spirit
    * Love – The Secret To Your Success
    In He Did It All for You, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland help you understand how to live this new life with confidence and success.

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  • Ceremony Of Marriage (Reprinted)


    The marriage union is the closest relationship that can exist between two human beings. When a man and woman decide to join together in marriage, they should do so with full realization of their responsibilities. Marriage is serious business.

    This booklet contains the wedding ceremony that Kenneth Copeland uses as a minister of God. It is based totally and completely on the Word of God.

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  • From Faith To Faith (Reprinted)


    A Daily Guide to Victory

    Now you can have a word of encouragement. . .a word of inspiration. . .a word of faith. . . every single day of the year!

    From Faith to Faith talks about the struggles you face every day. . .struggles with weariness, irritation, children, finances, even overeating. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland show you how, by applying the Word of God, you can make major changes for victory in every area of your life.

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  • Welcome To The Family


    In this book, Kenneth Copeland shares on a one-to-one basis the steps you are to follow in joining God’s family.

    He shows what God’s Word says about receiving salvation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit and healing. Heaven wouldn’t be the same without you!

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  • You Are Healed


    “I want My people well.” This is the cry of God’s heart. And it is such a deep desire that He has provided a covenant, a promise, of healing for all who will believe.

    In this brief but thorough Bible-based study, Kenneth Copeland proves beyond all doubt that “by His stripes” You are healed!

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  • Covenant Of Blood


    Look out! The giant is back. And he’s threatening the children of God with poverty, sickness, failure and death. But don’t let him scare you.

    You’ve got a secret weapon. It once turned a shepherd boy into a bear-busting, lion-killing, giant-slaying champion. It’s called…Covenant of Blood.

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