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Michelle Sanchez

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  • Antiracist Discipleship : Follow Jesus, Dismantle Racism, And Build Beloved


    Discover a Christ-centered approach to antiracism that will empower you to be transformed as you transform your world.

    So you’re for Jesus and against racism. But racism is such a fraught topic–can’t we just talk about Jesus?

    Michelle Sanchez has discovered through her own journey that it’s impossible to separate racial discipleship from our relationship with God. In fact, when we miss the connection between racial engagement and our spiritual life, we are missing out on the fullness of Jesus has for us.

    Antiracist Discipleship is our guidebook to a deeper connection with God through the adventure of racial discipleship. Grounded in the gospel, this practical and thought-provoking book:

    – Provides a Christ-centered approach to antiracism that transforms us as we seek to transform our communities.

    – Reveals ways that the racial dynamics of our society have already formed us.

    – Explores what it means to respond to racial injustice for the sake of God’s glory.

    – Equips us to engage in difficult conversations with grace and truth.

    – Offers hope, answers, and a way forward both individually and as a beloved community.

    Whatever your race or background, Antiracist Discipleship invites you to experience more of Jesus as you pursue racial righteousness. We all need awakening, healing, and a fresh vision for a new day. Here is a place to begin.

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