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  • Every Square Inch


    1. Competing Views On Theology And Culture
    2. A Theology Of Culture
    3. Culture And Calling
    4. Six Case Studies On Culture
    5. The Arts
    6. The Sciences
    7. Politics And The Public Square
    8. Economics And Wealth
    9. Scholarship And Education
    Conclusion: The Christian Mission
    Appendix: Recommmended Reading

    Additional Info
    Jesus is Lord over everything. So his lordship should shape every aspect of life. But what impact does faith really have on our day-today existence? And how should we, as Christians, interact with the culture?

    In Every Square Inch, Bruce Ashford skillfully navigates such questions. Drawing on sources like Abraham Kuyper, C.S. Lewis, and Francis Schaeffer, he shows how our faith is relevant to all dimensions of culture.

    The gospel informs everything we do. We cannot maintain the artificial distinction between “sacred” and “secular.” We must proclaim Jesus with our lips and promote him with our lives, no matter what cultural contexts we may find ourselves in.

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  • Eternity Invading Time


    Global Glory Publication

    In the Old Testament, God’s people saw Him in a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. In the New Testament, the religious world thought they had God in a box behind the veil. When Jesus died, the veil was rent and God went public.

    In an ever changing world where the darkness prides itself by proclaiming they have psychic insights for every person, the church has become anemic, without as much as a sign, a miracle or a wonder.

    Where do we go from here?

    Faith is at a level the church has never known before. It is a faith being seen in the “here and now”. We must understand what Jesus meant when He said, “I only do what I hear and what I see My Father do and say.”

    You are about to enter that eternal zone, where time is losing its grip on the earth. Eternity is Invading Time.

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  • End To This Strife


    Williams’s important work argues that taking the New Testament and particularly Galatians 3:28 seriously should lead black churches to challenge sexism and racism not only in society at large but also in African American churches and denominational bodies. By addressing oppressive practices in African American and other churches, they remain true to the liberation principle of the Bible the equality of all people before God which has been used effectively by black churches.

    His argument unfolds first through looking at the biblical text, especially the figure of Jesus and his ministry and how he broke the social barriers of his day. It then shows how African American Christians have historically appropriated this lens and legacy in their own religious and social experience and explains how this vision pertains to the state of black women in the churches today.

    Williams’s book will help all Christian churches reappropriate the biblical text and serve as a model for how the Bible can be responsibly employed in the churches and the public arena to promote equality for all people.

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