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Nick Harrison

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  • 1 Year Life Recovery Prayer Devotional


    Daily Hope and Inspiration from the Bible for Recovery from Addictions, Compulsions, and Persistent Hang-Ups.

    Life Recovery is not just a way of life; it’s the path to the richest life possible. We are all fellow strugglers together as we battle addictions, dependencies, anxieties, depression, or difficult relationships that need healing. Each one of us faces our own unique battle.

    God’s vision for your life is far more profound than you can ever imagine. Spending as little as one minute a day praying, meditating, and being in God’s presence can recapture that vision and equip you to live into it. The One Year Life Recovery Prayer Devotional is a resource that can help you do that. By spending time each day with the living God, you can grow in biblical wisdom and spiritual depth in order to overcome what seeks to control you.

    Be free from what imprisons you. Each day, this devotional will prompt you to look to God for strength when you are weak-for hope when everything appears hopeless.

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  • 1 Minute Prayers When You Need A Miracle


    God Is Big Enough

    When life looks bleak and you need God to show up in a big way, it can be hard to imagine how He might rescue you from your situation.

    One-Minute Prayers(R) When You Need a Miracle connects your needs to God’s promises as time spent in prayer stretches your faith and enlarges your view of God. Each devotion provides a heartfelt prayer and a Scripture to ponder and will:
    *comfort you when you face times of trouble
    *strengthen your faith as you hope and wait
    *build your trust as you lean into God’s plan for you

    If you are looking for a miracle on God, expect Him to answer and provide you with real hope even in your darkest hours.

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  • Baby Names : Thousands Of Names And Their Meanings


    The First Gift You Give Your Child

    To help you in the wonderful and important task of naming your child, Baby Names provides a comprehensive listing of great choices for any boy or girl-from Aaron to Zuwena-with plenty of variety in between. In addition to its extensive list of names, this book also includes…
    *Origins and meanings of a wide selection of names
    *Ideas for creating a name specifically suited for your child
    *Some of the greatest Bible names found in Scripture
    *Alternative spellings and variations of popular names
    *Things to avoid when naming your baby
    *Helpful sidebars highlighting accomplishments of famous Christians

    Baby Names will be an invaluable resource in your family for one of the most cherished decisions you’ll ever make as a parent!

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