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Nicole Unice

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  • Miracle Moment : How Tough Conversations Can Actually Transform Your Most I


    There’s a moment in every conversation that can change the whole relationship. A moment when you can either move toward the other person or away from them. Choose to break a negative cycle or continue it. Understand and be understood or remain confused and frustrated.

    It’s the “miracle moment.” And once you learn how to recognize and respond to it, it holds the power to help transform the relationships you have-at home, in love, and at work-into the ones you really want.

    In The Miracle Moment, Nicole Unice helps you discover the practical tools to:
    *Learn to respect and respond to your emotions without letting them control you
    *Speak words that help-rather than hurt-the likelihood of your getting what you need
    *Identify and keep yourself safe from toxic people
    *Become comfortable setting and holding boundaries
    *Be your best self even when you’re tempted to shut up, blow up, or give up

    Step into the space where miracles happen. Your miracle moments are waiting for you: moments of honesty; moments of healing; moments of renewal and lasting change.

    (Don’t miss the companion Miracle Moment DVD Experience and Miracle Moment Participant’s Guide, perfect for small groups or individuals wanting to go deeper!)

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  • Struggle Is Real Participants Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    The Struggle Is Real Participant’s Guide is a six-session workbook designed for use with The Struggle Is Real DVD Experience (sold separately), based on the new book by popular speaker and Bible teacher Nicole Unice. A great resource for church groups, Bible studies, and anyone who’s ever felt life just shouldn’t be this hard!

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a day where everything that could go wrong does go wrong-you lock your keys in the car while it’s running, lose control with your kids, make a mistake at the office that results in hours’ more work. And just when you think not one more thing could possibly happen . . . well, fill in the blank.

    The struggle is real, friends. It may not be major stuff. Lives are not on the line here. But it makes us feel awful . . . and then we feel guilty for stressing when other people have “real” problems that are so much more serious.

    Yet the fact remains: We live in a world that often feels harder than we think it should be. And so it can be easy to believe the stories we tell ourselves-that we’re doing it wrong, that we’ll be stuck in this place forever, that God doesn’t love us. We struggle practice gratitude, to make godly choices, and to live our daily lives with confidence and contentment. So what can we do?

    Join Nicole Unice to discover why the struggle is real . . . and what to do about it. In The Struggle Is Real Participant’s Guide Nicole offers practical tools to help you navigate the daily ups and downs, and ways to rewrite your struggle into a new, God-centered life story.

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