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Norvel Hayes

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  • How To Become A Wise Man In Gods Eyes


    Norvel Hayes discusses how we can become wise, just as the wise men were when they
    approached the newborn Messiah.

    Norvel emphasizes the importance of worshipping the Lord and giving gifts to God’s kingdom, explaining that these are the two key elements of being a wise person in God’s kingdom.

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  • Faith Has No Feelings


    One way to obtain God’s mighty healing power is believing in James 5:14-15. Norvel Hayes explains how you must confess and believe that you are healed regardless of whether you feel anything or not.

    Norvel recounts what happened when he traveled to Alabama by himself for a two-day meeting. He explains the special instructions the Lord gave him on the way and what happened during the first service when he followed the Lord’s instructions.

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  • How To Live And Not Die


    How To Live and Not Die! A Down-to-earth guide for getting rid of problem areas in your life by putting God’s power to work for you.

    God doesn’t want you to be sick…or to have any financial, emotional, social, spiritual or physical problem. But you’ve got to learn to do things His way!

    * After you worship and praise God, you have the right to ask Him for any-

    * If you’ll make up your mind, once and for all, that the life is in the
    Word of God, you won’t have to suffer any longer.

    * Your body doesn’t care what God tells you. It will rise up and demand
    what it’s craving. You have to tell your body to obey God’s Word!

    * Your faith can work for your children and for your spouse.

    * Many good Christians have died before their time. They believed in God
    and loved Him, but they didn’t believe God scripturally.

    * If you have the Word of God in your heart and if you know how to say
    what God says in His Word, God will send you on a mission to do things
    for Him to cause people to live and not die.

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  • How To Get Your Prayers Answered


    Have Your Prayers Gone Unanswered?

    You may have spent many hours praying. You may have prayed, wept and cried yet your prayers have gone unanswered. If this is the condition of your prayer life, you will want to read this book.

    Norvel Hayes shares the scriptures that the Lord revealed to him on how to get his prayers answered. Learn how easy it is to received things from God when you open your life to Him and let Him do what he wants to in your life.

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  • What To Do For Healing


    What to do for healing will teach you the following:

    -how to approach God for healing
    -how to pray for healing
    -how to ask in faith
    -how to believe and confess God’s word
    -how to receive his healing power

    Healing is for you!

    Jesus wants to heal you and He wants to heal your family. He doesn’t want one member of your family to be sick. The Bible says God wants to heal everybody. He didn’t love the people in the Bible more than He loves you.

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  • Blessing Of Obedience


    Obedience Brings Blessings!

    God wants to bless His people. Don’t let yourself be concerned about what other people are doing. Concern yourself with what you are doing for God. You must reach the point that you are willing to put your own desires aside and do what God wants you to do. Then you will find yourself in the place for God to give you His peace, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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  • Number One Way To Fight The Devil


    How would you fight if you knew that your victory was guaranteed? If you knew you could not lose? The reality is your enemy, Satan, has already been defeated. Christ stripped Satan of all power when he died on the cross and rose again. As a Christian, you are promised victory. The only weapons Satan has left are lies and evil tricks to try to make you believe that the victory is not yours. Rise up, Christian, and take your rightful place of victory!

    In the pocket-sized book “The Number One Way to Fight The Devil,” author and Bible teacher Norvel Hayes explains the simple yet powerful way to remind the devil of his place. Satan’s lies and tricks will be exposed and the truth of your victory revealed as you learn and practice the victory that is already yours.

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