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Pamela McQuade

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  • Letting Go And Trusting God


    The Good, the Bad, and the Great Decisions of Biblical People

    Tough decisions will always come, but the strong God who loves you shows you where to go, if only you will listen and follow. Letting God and Trusting God is a devotional that takes a look at both the well-thought-out choices and impulse decisions of biblical people. These 180 devotions can gently help you understand how to make wise decisions, no matter what life throws your way.

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  • Everyday Wisdom To Satisfy Your Soul


    90 Devotions Focus on the Soul-Satisfying Refreshment of Life in Jesus Christ

    Everyone looks for satisfaction in their lives. For Christians, true soul satisfaction comes only from one place: Jesus. When we rest in Him, our spirits experience that long-sought fullness. The satisfied soul is not a bored soul, but one that experiences both good and bad and comes forth victorious in Jesus. In the 90 devotions in Everyday Wisdom to Satisfy Your Soul, you’ll find many faith experiences: praise, joy, thanksgiving, overcoming, and more. Each encouraging reading includes a title and a scripture. Perfect for personal quiet time or as a thoughtful gift, Everyday Wisdom to Satisfy Your Soul is sure to bless your heart.

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  • How To Find It In Your Bible


    How do I find that in the Bible?

    This book gives you references for 1,001 key themes and topics-Both biblical and contemporary.

    From Abiding, Ability, and Abomination through Youth, Zeal, and the Zodiac, How to Find It in Your Bible helps you track down relevant scriptures to answer the questions you have.

    Similar to a concordance but easier to use, How to Find It in Your Bible groups references both by specific words and by themes. It provides a well-rounded view of each topic, helping you see how the Bible addresses larger themes such as:
    *the Deity of Christ
    *and many others

    Lavishly cross referenced and beautifully designed (including full-color illustrations), this reference is both easy and enjoyable to use. It’s a great starting point for your everyday study of scripture.

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